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I transform the beliefs I have of myself and of success, of abundance, of the circulation of money, of giving and receiving.

I have unlimited potential for achieving my goals but I forgot it or I let the outside world dictate my abilities. I have great dreams and projects but the outside world does not validate me and even discourages me.


I reconnect even more deeply to who I am and to my abilities, my skills and the true reason for my presence on earth. I validate myself on my own because who else will validate me if I have forgotten myself?


I am helped, I am guided, I dare, I believe in myself, I listen to my heart and soul and I allow myself success, achievement, accomplishment, I let the energy of money (and therefore of love) entering my life. I let money (love) circulate in my life. I accept to receive for what I accomplish. I agree to value my work. I transform all limiting beliefs around money.

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