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I've been studying therapy since 2002, after a first big change

in life in 1995.

In my creative aspect, I create elixirs.

They are my common thread, they allow me to be a bridge between sky and earth, between human and plant realms, when I create, I'm a bridge between the invisible and the tangible.

In my teaching aspect, I teach face yoga, including a deeper healing support around feminity, self love and body transformation.

In my therapist aspect, I support people using a range of therapeutic tools designed for transforming their heavy baggage into a myriad of potentials that are just waiting to be embodied.


I grew up in the French vineyards of Saint Emilion. My father's passion for producing exceptional wines and my mother's passion for gardening and for medicinal flowers impacted my childhood. From a very young age, the world of wine tasting made me aware of the fundamental importance of my senses (smell, taste), while my mom's gift for transforming gardens into heaven opened the way to my own realtionship to nature. Very early I got attracted to the medicinal aspects of nature.

Endowed with a great sensitivity, I began to create my own perfumes and elixirs intuitively.

2013 was a year of deep reconnection to my olfactive mediumnity. I have since created thousands of scents, in search of the Absolute Elixir.


Over time, my education and certifications (see below) gave definitely a holistic turn to my creations.

Combining a strong mediumnity with an ancestral plants knowledge, I feel like a bridge between sky and earth and I create natural and unique fragrances with frequences that re-unify.

My skills  :

  • Degree of Modern Litterature (1992-1995)


  • Technical degree as a PA (1997-1999)

  • Certified in Traditional Chinese Medicine (ChuZhen, Paris, 2002-2005)

  • One year practice of chinese medicine with Fédérico Marmori (Paris,2005)

  • Energy healing (Canada, Isabelle Saint Germain 2006-2009 and Jacqueline Célestine 2008)

  • DNA reprogramming ( Kishori Aird, Canada, 2009)

  • Birth of my beloved son (2010)

  • Started channeling elixirs and fragrances (Indonesia, 2013)

  • Certified Face Yoga teacher (Face Yoga Method, 2019)

  • Certified Oralift practisioner (Oralift, 2020)

  • Bioenergy (Audrey Galan, Pays Basque, 2020)

  •  Klai de Conscience and Karmatherapy Method (2020-2024)

  • Olfactive research (2013-2023)


Anne Ferrandez

(+33) 6 76 03 21 92

Thank you for your message. I'll get back to you as soon as possible.
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