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Discover my favorite products to take care of your face, body and skin and get disocunts on their purchases thanks to my different partnerships.

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Produits capillaires Monat

I highly recomment Monat Hair products. I love them so much for their quality and I love the company for the opportunities they offer. Please contact me if you need any help around the ranges of products ! And if you want to become a partner in my team as well !



Oralift is a tool that is worn in the mouth for one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening, 4 months a year.


Designed by Dr Nick Mohindra, a London dentist with a passion for research, this device (approved by the FDA) restores facial proportions and balance by stimulating the facial muscles.

Use the coupon anneferrandez10 to benefit from a reduction.

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Eaux Chaotiques

Discover the incredible alchemical products of Eaux Chaotiques, I invite you to discover the Oil of Eggs which is a divine gift to your skin.





Amazing Hemp products. Don't miss the "La Jouvence" hemp oil for the face ! My favorite hemp products made in France.

When you order, live a comment just before paying : " De la part de Anne Ferrandez - Phase de test" and the owner of the company will give you a gift with your first order.


Cellular Detox

I'm very happy of this protocol. If you should use only one of these 2 products, I recommend using the Pure Body Extra.

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