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We invite you to discover the world of scents, of communication with the plant world and thus create your vibrational elixir.

Join one of these events or contact us to organize a workshop near you or at your business.


The space created in the workshop will allow you to travel within different parts of yourself, guided by the essences.


The process of creation is at the same time a process of inner transformation. If you want to allow yourself to mix essences in a beautiful way, you'll have to connect to your guidance, letting go of fears (of not knowing how to do, of being or doing wrong, etc.) in order to be in a state of openness and guided creativity, whatever the olfactory result is.


There are no mistakes, only experiences. The more you will mix, breath and smell, the more you will face emotions, shadows, restrictions until you just flow with what Life wants you to create.

In this workshop you will experience the spirit of a group that goes on a journey together in search of an individual creation, for a unique result, specific to each one of the participants. You will breathe in different essences, listen to them, communicate with them, mix them, and connect with them through your senses and your different states of perception.

You are going to design your own and unique elixir !

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