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The luxury of a vibrant perfume

that reflects your deep BEing.

A scent of inner revelation.

The bespoke alchemical perfume by Ann Qâ is a luxurious scent, that allows your physical body and existence to incarnate and radiate your deep self.


Your fragrance opens the pathways to your inner, real, raw, true Self and guides you through the new reality you are creating.

The alchemy of the essences, tuned to your original Essence, in a precious bottle, allows a deployment and alignment of your being and your existence.


The creative process requires from me silence, meticulousness, subtle intimacy with your own realms, listening to the heart of your origins.


In cocreation with the plant kingdom, I create your olfactive symphony, sparking a deep rebirthing, a true celebration of your being, impacting your Life here and now.


From € 3.000 

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