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An Elixir is an olfactory adornment

A precious, luxurious and unique jewel

A revealer of your beauty and uniqueness

Your elixir has a unique frequency and contains a tailor-made olfactory and frequency message. It is a signature of the BEing that you are (Soul, Spirit, Bodies, Being), in a bottle. It is your light in a bottle.


In this co-creation space, a message is delivered to you in the form of an elixir, the fragrance and the frequency are exactly what you need in your life, here and now. It will help you shift your reality, it has a daily healing session effect.

Your Being tunes in the vibrations that are needed day to day.


Your aura receives the right information to process what is happening on an energetics levels.


The brain reactivates and processes memories through smells and reconnects to buried or unresolved emotions.


At the soul level, this allows a deeper connection with your inner guidance.


As for your mind, you will more easily get out of certain mechanisms in your life, these conditionings blocking your transformation will fade as you're becoming aware of the imprints and letting them go.


This allows the whole BEing to experience a deep process of alchemy and alignment.


Connect to your olfactive instinct


From intention to manifestation


New Anchoring


Create your new reality

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