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My range of Elixirs


An elixir to reconnect and heal your feminine aspects

It can be a challenge to feel feminine, to be in a woman's body

Education, childhood memories, inherited mold of masculine and feminine interactions, misperception or rejection of your body, difficult relating to the masculine, ...

This elixir allows to pacify with your different aspects and to bring self acceptance, self love in your body, emotions and mind.

But most of all, this elixir allows the Woman you are to expand, to incarnate your own Beauty and Feminity

I Am

I Am reconnects to your truth, brings back to Self all the people who tend to put themselves down or after others. There is a necessity to put yourself first and we sometimes forget this because we are part of a family or because we put the needs of others before ours. For people who tend to sacrify themselves, hyper sensitive, who don't have clear boundaries and feel everything is mixed up between the outside and the inside, who don't really know who they are.

But most of all, amplifies the connection to the soul. Powerful


The Elixir that transforms lead into Gold

For all transformation processes. Very deep.


When you need to find the thread that will connect all the parts within you together in harmony. Feeling separated in different parts that can't communicate together easily. Needing to make connections between experience, intelligence, heart, and soul. Improves communication within yourself and with others. Brings structure where it's defragmented, healing wounds.

But most of all, feeling connected to everything that is.


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