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  • Community on a private Facebook page

  • 1  face yoga/massage live per week (accessible in replay 24/7 while you're in)

  • 1 DIY recipe with fresh ingredients per week

  • 1 psychoenergetics session per month around aging, beauty, self worth, confidence...

  • Each class lasts 10, 15,  20 minutes

  • Easy search by theme (drainage, neck, posture, lower, face, upper face, massage, etc.)

  • Possibility to ask your personal questions

  • Includes sessions with Dermaroller, gua sha, kansa wand ...

  • No long-term commitment, you can cancel at any time.



A weekly class if very helpful to maintain a motivation to practise self care for the face.

Let's face it, we practise a little and then we stop.

Lack of time, motivation, self sabotage, many reasons and justifications to stop.

This group will help you find pleasure for taking care of your face. You will practise at your own pace, but I will be there to help you find and maintain motivation and joy.

My classes are targeted and will allow you to take care of your face.


You will :​

  • soften or  eliminate wrinkles, sculpt and restore tone to your face​

  • improve blood and lymph circulation​

  • restore radiance on the face​

  • restore the proportions of your face and regain energy, confidence and a healthy glow!​

  • understand the skincare products that are right for you​

  • find the routine that suits your skin​

  • learn how to use a dermaroller, a guasha, a kansa wand...​

  • discover the most natural, nicest, most effective products​

  • transform the beliefs and conditioning that you have created around your appearance, your body, your beauty, your self-esteem, your self-confidence, your abilities in general, your uniqueness, your weight...

  • love yourself as you are!


/per month


/per year ( 9,90€ per month)

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